The damage done by any fall depends on how, where and when we land, how strong our bones are and skin are and how quickly help comes.


Most falls happen from standing height.  The damage done by a fall increases if the fall is from any extra height even a single step.  It is also increased if you hit something on the way down.  Falling outside in very hot, cold or bad weather can also stress out bodies, especially if it is not possible to get help for a while.

What can you do?

Remove clutter, particularly things that can hurt you badly, such as glass coffee table, unstable chairs, old carpet, old exercise equipment such as a treadmill.  Anything you can trip over.

Realistically consider what chores are not too risky for you to do and arrange for someone else to do them.  In particular, avoid anything that involves you getting up higher than floor level.

Get help with your balance before you need it!

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Linda Cantrill