Free weight workouts with dumb bells provide seniors with a number of health benefits:

  • All-round strength in the upper and lower body
  • Improved joint health, balance and stability
  • Enhanced metabolic fitness – glucose and cholesterol
  • Weight management
  • Bone density maintenance

These durable neoprene-coated dumbbells are great for aerobic training, fitness and rehabilitation.
Available from 1 to 10 pounds in 1 pound increments.
Color: Purple

Weight training is not dangerous for older people as long as you take a few precautions.

  • Ask your doctor for clearance
  • Take advice about medications. Diabetics using drugs or injectable insulin may need adjustments.
  • Drink sufficient fluids — more if it’s hot.
  • Stop if something hurts – other than the discomfort of muscular effort. See How to Lift Weights Safely
  • Start slowly and work up to heavier weights and more repetitions to suit your existing level of fitness and capability.