Our LSVT Parkinsons program provides Whole body amplitude-based training protocol for individuals with Parkinson disease and provides the following benefits:

• Ability to walk with confidence

• Increase ability to perform activities of daily living

• Reduce depression

• Reduce falls

The fundamental principles, elements of treatment, as well as outcome data, and practical delivery and marketing considerations are taught through lecture, demonstration, and case study presentations.


I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the end of 2007. Immediately following a period of denial and mourning, I was determined to conquer this dreaded disease. Following this, Guilford Glazer, the wonderful grandfather of my children, sent over Linda Cantrill, a certified balanced therapist at spiritedbalance.com. This changed my life.

Although on various medications, I was still plagued with the shuffling of feet, rigid muscles, frozen shoulder and extreme fatigue. Linda Cantrill single-handedly, through five years of rigorous tri-weekly balance, functional, cardio, swimming, yoga, and pilates training, helped create new neuropathways in my brain. This along with her positive attitude, unequalled dedication, continuous education, amazing wit, the will to never ever give up has resulted in a well-functioning shoulder, proper walking, physically fit physique, less rigidity in my muscles, and a better quality of life. Now I am even able to ride a bicycle with no difficulties.

I am eternally grateful to Guilford Glazer, Linda Cantrill, my wife, children, family, friends, and my neurologist, Dr. Hart Cohen, for their unanimous, amazing support. Without it, I would not have been able to accomplish such great success in reversing these symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Nothing short of miraculous, I would highly recommend anyone with neurological disorders to be in touch with this amazing spirit.

– Nikko Shabti, Artist and Architect