Linda creates a customized training program to meet each individual’s unique needs and objectives to match his/her capabilities.

SpiritedBalance™ One-on-One training is designed to focus on enhancing the function of your sensory, motor, and cognitive systems.

The program emphasizes these core components:

  • Attention given to specific issues
  • Correct individual movement patterns
  • Complete specific analysis of your needs
  • Increase balance, strength, mobility

The balance system is dynamic; it needs to be able to respond quickly to visual, vestibular and proprioceptive (awareness of your body in relation to its surroundings) feedback.

The interactions between the central nervous system, the inner ear, and vision are all a part of learning to recognize where your body is in relationship to the world around you. This allows your brain and body to create balance.

An important objective of balance training is to challenge, but not exceed, your intrinsic capabilities by systematically introducing stability and mobility tasks of increasing complexity performed in a variety of practice environments that simulate daily life. Upper and lower body strength, flexibility, and endurance are developed as you move through the program. Before training begins, each client will complete a thorough assessment to identify his/her functional and movement limitations.

Evidence has shown that by participating in balance and mobility training, falls can be reduced and sometimes eliminated. Research from the National Institute of Health and other institutes recommend twice weekly training sessions to obtain the maximum benefit.

Each 10-session package includes a complimentary home visit to Fall Proof™ your home and provide you with the resources necessary to update and adapt your environment to meet your safety needs.

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