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FallProof™ was recognized in 2003 by the National Council on Aging as one of seven exemplary model programs in the United States promoting healthy aging and improved quality of life.

• Increase strength

• Improve walking ability

• Live independently

The goal of the group-based or individual training in FallProof™ Balance and Mobility program is to promote functional independence by improving or modifying the risk factors that contribute to heightened fall risk among “at risk” and physically frail older adults. To accomplish this goal, the program begins by including a carefully selected battery of tests that are used to identify functional limitations emerging from impairments in one or more of the systems involved in the control of balance and mobility. The program content is designed to systematically manipulate the demands of the task to be performed and/or the constraints imposed by the practice environment in a way that matches each individual’s capabilities. An important objective of the program is to challenge, but not exceed, the individual’s intrinsic capabilities by systematically introducing balance and mobility tasks of increasing complexity that are to be performed in a variety of practice environments that simulate those encountered during daily life. The program content focuses on elevating the function of the sensory, motor, and cognitive systems through four core program components:

1) Volitional and non-volitional control of the center of gravity

2) Sensory reception and integration skills

3) Selection and scaling of postural control strategies

4) Development of a flexible and adaptable gait pattern

Upper and lower body strength, flexibility and endurance are systematically incorporated into the program, often in combination with the balance and mobility activities presented in the four components.

Clients and patients should experience:

Full balance potential
Increased limits of stability
Improved performance of daily life activities
Heightened awareness of risk factors and circumstances
Improved integration of sensory information
Improved postural alignment
Increased confidence
Improved walking ability
Improved ability to recover from loss of balance
Improved strength and flexibility

*All of the Spirited Balance activities can be modified to accommodate individual capabilities.
*An initial assessment is provided prior to participation in the training program.
*Training sessions can be designed for individuals or small groups.